About us

• PREAMBLE?• WHO & WHAT we are:
• Culture Radio FM 104.5, is a charitable, community and cause-based organization founded in November 2007, by Elijah M.I. Gegra; with initial support from Shelter for Africa e.V. and Help Alliance.
Due to the fact that Culture Radio is a neutral and Cause-based media institution, it has become one of the most widely listened to radio station in Sierra Leone, hence known as THE PEOPLE´S STATION-VOICE OF THE VOICELESS
The objectives for which the organization is established are:
To champion the cause of the people of Freetown in Particular and Sierra Leone in general?particularly in the areas of advancement of Awareness Education, Democracy, Culture, Peace building?Reconciliation, Entertainment, Development and for other purposes beneficial to the entire population of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
To solicit funds in the form of grants and scholarships from local and international non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), Foundations, and friendly foreign governments;
To generate revenue by engaging in commercial activities relating to broadcasting such as?Advertising and sponsored programs;
To do all such other things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
Our radio station located in the heart of Freetown has a large population of avid listeners and Fans. Culture Radio also covers a large and prominent part of Sierra Leone, including the Lungi International Airport, the town of Portloko and its environs, including the border entry point of Gbalamuya. The radio also covers the Koya chiefdom, Makeni, Loko Masama, Bo, Tongo Field.
Up the Mountain Rural Distrrict, including Leicester, Gloucester, Regent, Kent as well as Fourah Bay College Campus and Kortright are effectively covered with a clear reception. Culture Radio caters for the young as well as a predominantly working class. The form of our music is essentially African oriented based on reggae, both nationally and internationally.
EDUCATION is the key objective of Culture Radio after all, learning is imbedded in CULTURE; our Mission is to promote unity in diversity and to uphold this belief, by giving to all Sierra Leoneans a sense of identity and pride in their own creative talents; and to improve the quality of life, as well as maintaining a strong sense of loyalty to the nation of Sierra Leone.
Secondly, it is our mission to safeguard, extend and promote our physical, ethnic, linguistic and Spiritual heritage. We must realize that it is this rich heritage that provides us with our unique Sierra Leonean and African identity.
Thirdly, it is our goal to promote widespread cultural and artistic expression. It is our conviction that our people, especially the youths, should take part in creative activities in many different Art forms, to share their understanding of life, release their creative potential and contribute to Economic development. The economic potential of arts and culture must be thoroughly explored.
Apart from broadcasting on air Adult literacy program, Culture Radio also embarks on several outreach programs to target communities in order to carry out on-the-spot investigations and recordings of important issues bordering on the project objectives. The objective of the radio talk shows is to use the medium as an exclusive tool for sensitizing the public on pertinent issues that have direct bearing on them and to gauge their perception on such issues.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Executive Director – Project Coordinator- Station Manager- Finance & Admin. Officer- Production Manager- Audio Engineer & IT-Program Presenters-Moderators-Reporters/ Newsreaders
German Protestant Church (EED), World Association of Christian Communication (WACC), DeutscheWelle (DW), Farm Radio International (FRI), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW)
Sierra Leone Adult Education (SLADEA), YMCA, YWCA, Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Centre (SLOIC), Conservation Society of Sierra Leone(CSSL), MADAM, Network of Journalists
Network of Journalists against Land grabbing: Network of Youths for Peace and Development
Focus:?The primary focus of Culture Radio broadcast programming must be on families and children in general, whether they are school going or non-school going. The secondary focus must be on adults, especially those in policy making authorities and the Parent/Guardian.
We allocate adults and youths produced radio programs at sixty (60%) of Culture FM Radio broadcast air time, while the remaining 40% is allocated to adult produced programs that may affect the children (Culture).
The beneficiaries of Culture FM radio programming are families and children and the Grass roots population.
Target audience:
Culture FM programs are produced to target children and their parents or guardians, but focused on decisions or policies for schools and children and communities (Culture). The school children are encouraged and trained to produce programs that reflect their views and opinions. Children must be able to target parents and authorities in a professional manner representing the future leaders.
Adult produced programs are focused on issues that affect children/youths not on personalities unless in a case where the issue of the personality does have an effect on children/youths. Some programs are produced to be aired purposely for organized listening habit of children. Some of these programs could be listened to while the children are in a particular class or assembled at a determined time (that reflects on Culture). This is a part of the training of our producers.
News:?Most of the community elders, youths and authorities in the district choose to have news about their communities and government activities in the capital. They prefer news in English and Krio and other Vernacular languages. Our news are current, objective to make an impact, factual and unbiased.
Music:?Music form our own local artist sang in their own local languages and reggae music is preferred even though we play music from other sources. The percentage of airtime for our local music is evidently higher.
Awareness Education & Sensitisation:
Apart from airing various radio talk shows, Culture Radio embarks on several outreach programs to target communities in order to carry out on-the-spot investigations and recordings of important issues relating to good governance, HIV/AIDS, adult literacy, good hygienic behaviours, peace and peaceful co-existence, best farming practices and environmental friendly conducts among others. All these are considered as threats to the peace, and eliminating them is of essence. These issues concern men and women, as well as children. The objective of the radio talk shows is to use the medium as an effective tool for sensitizing the public on pertinent issues that have direct bearing on them and to gauge their perception on such issues.
Public services announcements:?It is our experience that a greater need for information about events and announcements from government and local authorities to be disseminated, and we do this on a regular base and free of cost.