The Girl Who Is Still Running – Isha Bassie

A large number of girls in Sierra Leone are subjected to Genital Mutilation not paying attention to the throes, infections and other effects caused by this barbaric act. It’s time to say NO to FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION(FGM).

Watch this short film on FGM and help save Isha’s and her child life.

Forceful initiation…
Isha Bassie on the run

By Mohamed Kallon

The father of 23-year-old Isha Bassie has notified local authorities that her daughter had gone missing after persistent threats, victimization and attacks by “soweis” of the traditional Bondo Society – a female secret society in Sierra Leone – forced her to flee for her life.

Isha Bassie is an indigene of Mokanje, a small village in Moyamba District, southern Sierra Leone, where the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is very common.

A close friend to Isha, who prefers anonymity for fear of being persecuted by the soweis, told our reporter that Isha was being forced to undergo female genital mutilation because she was overtly seen persuading young girls in the village to dissociate themselves from the traditional practice of FGM. She said Isha had been very defiant and had challenged the soweis that she will never get initiated. Hence the reason the soweis are seeking to destroy her.

Other sources informed our reporter that Isha’s mother is a respected member of the Bondo secret society.

The regent chief refused to comment on the issue but instead warned the Isha should never return to the village.

This is not the first time such a scenario has occurred in that part of the country. There are number of instances where female secret societies have forced women averse to the practice of FGM to flee for fear of being victimized.

Many human right organizations in the country have called for tougher laws that would protect young girls and women against harmful traditional practices such as FGM and to stop the excesses of the Bondo secret society in Sierra Leone. A recent remark by the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Fatima Bio, claiming to be an “initiated woman” has dampened the spirit of anti-FGM campaigners who trust the office of the First Lady to support their cause to succeed.

“Her statement has emboldened the soweis to continue with their diabolic act; hence young girls will continue to flee for their lives,” rights activist Kaday Koroma posited.

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